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Star Snowflake Sunflower Template


This is a printable template for the Star Snowflake Sunflower. Use this template as a guide to help you along, or use it to follow along with my …

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Tall Door Basket

The Tall Door Basket is the perfect way to accent any interior or exterior while still remaining functional. The tall handle allows for plenty of …
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Key Basket

Why stop at Hats and Towels? If you need something to keep you organized and prepared on your way out the door, the Key Basket is the perfect …
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Towel Basket

Home is where you hang your hat AND your towels. The Towel Basket makes this unique by giving your home a touch of character. Whether you hang it in …
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Hearth Basket

Add a dash of that down-home rustic touch to any room, garden or office with a Hearth Basket. Each one individually handcrafted in Maine, these …
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Between The Doors Basket


Elegant, Compact and Sturdy, the Between the Doors Basket is not only guaranteed to catch an eye, but its function and rigidity seals the deal on …

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Pack Basket Base


These bases are essential to having the ideal secure base for your Pack Basket! Each Base is 8x12 and comes with a Top Half (Flat) and Bottom Half …

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This Class comes with a 45-minute in-depth video and a 6 page PDF Guide that goes into GREAT detail on how to make one of these wonderfully sturdy …
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Berry Baskets Kit

$39.99 - $39.99
Learn 2 Basic Basket Shapes -Square to Round & Round *Decorative Colors Included!
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Bulk Kit


More Baskets means More Materials! I understand the itch one may get when you're weaving beautiful baskets, which is why I'm providing everything …

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Teachers Bulk Kit (with Teachers # or Card)


Welcome Teachers! It's a blessing to have so much interest in the art of Basket Weaving, and your contribution to sharing this ancient knowledge …

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Extra RTG Class aids


Need to re-up on our Reusable Teaching Guides? You're in luck, because we've got PLENTY to go around! Whether you're assisting students, sharing …

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Sample Basket ( Each)


Our finished Sample Baskets are a great learning tool for anyone of any age! Having a hands-on sample gives you and/or your students a physical …

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Refill Kit


You loved it didn't you!! This Refill Kit has what you need to make 8-10 more baskets. (depending on which ones you choose and how tall they …

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Slab Back Wall Basket [Sold Out]

SLAB BACK WALL BASKET   DIMENSIONS 12" wide 24.5" tall 4" deep   COLOR Amish Farmhouse
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"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"
-John Keats

When it comes to creating something special, it's important that the most care, consideration and passion is put into it. That's why every basket I make is entirely unique and crafted with the love and compassion that this timeless art has brought me for over 40 years. 
Every basket is handcrafted here in Maine and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and uses.
Whether you're gathering, decorating or gifting, these baskets are guaranteed to serve all of your needs. 
Get yours today!