Welcome Teachers!

It’s a blessing to have so much interest in the art of Basket Weaving, and your contribution to sharing this ancient knowledge is greatly appreciated.

We’d like to show you our appreciation by assuring you that you’ve always got a one-stop place to restock your supplies, and giving you all of it for just $69.99 (That’s a $100 Value!)

Our Teachers Bulk Kit is specially available for you, complete with 6 RTG’s, 50 Pins, Measuring Tape, and everything else you need to keep your classes well supplied and your students busy.

50 Pins
6 RTGs
1 1/2″ Flat Reed
1 1/4″ Flat Reed
14′ 1/2″ Flat Oval
25′ #4 Round Reed
30′ Color (2 Colors, 15′ Each)
10 Tags
Tape Measure
Link to the Instructional Video