Reed-Only Refill (STAY HOME SPECIAL)

$65.00 $44.95


Need a REEDfill?

I certainly understand when the throes of weaving take over, and you’re in luck because not only does this refill come with a large variety of assorted colors, shapes and sizes of reed (Enough to make 8 – 10 more baskets), the shipping is Free and this is also a Stay Home Special so you can comfortably restock your reed without breaking the bank!

What’s Included?
.2.5 lbs of Natural Reed
.1 lb 1/4″
.1 lb 1/2″
.14 ft Flat Oval Handle
.25 ft Round Reed
.30 ft Assorted Colors

What You’ll Need:
.Paper Towel
.Warm Water
.Clothes Pins


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