2 Piece 1 qt Single Basket Kit (STAY HOME SPECIAL)

$49.95 $36.95


Being stuck at home isn’t easy, and I understand that. Not only do you have to occupy yourself, but you might have some little ones that need something to do, or a significant other you would love to spend some quality bonding time with.

So what better way to occupy yourselves, pass the time and and learn a beautiful new skill you can share with your loved ones than to enjoy 2 basket kits?
This kit includes all of the material you need to create not just one, but TWO beautiful 1 qt Berry Picking baskets with an assortment of colors and two Reusable Teaching Guides so you can share this peaceful project with your friends and family, or anyone who would love to learn! Anyone from the age of 8 years and older can easily understand equally benefit from this peaceful art medium.

The regular price of this 2 kit special is $49.95 but the Stay Home Special means you can comfortably enjoy this kit for only $36.95, with Free Shipping.

Like a warm cup of tea on a cozy rainy afternoon, these kits take the edge off of a long day and our 1 qt Single Basket kits are the perfect remedy for you and your whole family to enjoy.

.Paper Towel
.Warm Water


1 Qt Berry Picking Basket Tutorial