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You can​ weave a basket!

Join me in taking your first steps into the centuries-old art of Basket Weaving!

Whether you're picking up a new skill, bonding with your loved ones or looking to start a new career path, ​my kits and easy to follow guides will get you and your loved ones well on your way.

Continue below to get your first kit, any extra materials you'll need, and some guides to help you along!

First Thing's First

Let's Start With The Basics

Over / Under

The magic that makes every basket work is the timeless "Over/Under" pattern. 

This pattern not only adds rigidity to your basket, but you'll find it very quickly becomes second nature.

To keep the pattern consistent, it's important that you split only one side of your center spoke after you lay out your base. 
That split will act as "two spokes", which will keep your row over/under every time you come back around!


This Class comes with a 45-minute in-depth video and a 6 page PDF Guide that goes into GREAT detail on how to make one of these wonderfully sturdy …
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Berry Baskets Kit

$39.99 - $39.99
Learn 2 Basic Basket Shapes -Square to Round & Round *Decorative Colors Included!
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Sample Basket ( Each)


Our finished Sample Baskets are a great learning tool for anyone of any age! Having a hands-on sample gives you and/or your students a physical …

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Featured Video

Kits are a great place to get started, but it doesn't stop there! Use what you've learned to try to weave one of these specialty baskets!