Bees and Baskets

Last year, the owner of Circa Home Living called me with an idea, he asked if I could weave a bee skep.

For years I have pondered ways to make bee skeps. They are great garden pieces, and I wanted to fill a hole in the market created when my friend Steve, stopped importing them from the Philippines, 10 years ago.

While photographing bee items for their catalog, they borrowed an old woven horse muzzle and saw, a bee skep. I knew at once what to do after kicking myself for not figuring it out years before. I have seen several photos of muzzles and never thought “bee skep”, but they did (good catch).

I quickly made samples for them. We have sold 100’s, and they are on the hunt for another fabulous idea to grace primitive homes and gardens. ¬†Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun, Verg and Noel !