Baskets by Gin

primitive Handmade Baskets

Basket Kit
for Beginners

With this small handful of baskets, kits, and a couple of basic templates, I will walk you through the basket weaving process. You will be able to both weave a balanced basket and be able to help other to as well.

Basket Patterns &
Video Tutorials

Grab a friend, soak some reed, and weave a basket with me. I've removed the guesswork from my basket patterns and added in Tips of the Trade that I've acquired through 40 years of basket making.

Baskets Handmade &
Prim Finished

My exquisite collection of primitive baskets are handwoven replicas of antiques and useful new designs. All are finished with a unique look only found at Baskets by Gin.

A Basket Blog

Basket Weaving Material Info

Learn about the materials to use to weave your baskets and the best places to purchase them.

Free Basket Pattern

Start your basket making journey with this FREE pattern.